Space Hamster

Photos used courtesy of NASA/ESO

Welcome to The Spirit of Exploration, the premier digital science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) interactive learning solution for children ages K-12. The Spirit of Exploration is a comprehensive, community driven, and constantly growing resource for science and math learning across all age groups.

With cutting edge gaming and community features woven into the learning experience, The Spirit of Exploration is a completely new way to discover science and math. Combining deep exploration scenarios with fun, simple gameplay, The Spirit of Exploration, is the STEM education system for the digital generation.

Teach your kids about space science, math, chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences, engineering, technology and more through a safe, fun, and engaging online experience that they will want to come back to again and again. Upgrades and in game rewards are tied to performance. So to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

Isn't it time you took STEM learning seriously?

Content designed by top scientists and educators.
Lesson plans addressing core K-12 STEM education needs
Curriculum requirements to meet specific State and Federal science and math teaching standards.
Immersive gameplay and a sleek visual style designed to captivate players / students.
A safe and fun online space where children can be children, and where learning is the online currency.
A constantly growing community of experts and educators that offer a universe of knowledge to children of all ages, from storybook early learning to powerful research tools for college bound teens.

Give your kids the tools they need to succeed, learn, and connect in the digital world. Help them achieve their full potential with a strong start in math and science.

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